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doing 100 of something as an antidote to preciousness about it is a great way of framing it.

I also think being comfortable doing something well as a one-off and then going on to do something else is a good approach, too.

Some really great art was made by people who quit while they were ahead & didn't try to milk it indefinitely (Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin & Hobbes, comes to mind).

Seems like just another way of acting on that "studied indifference" that's critical to making great stuff

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writing daily is rewarding, but i still think i wouldn't be as consistent if i didn't know that other 100dcc friends might read my posts. having an audience, even just 1 person, changes the game completely.

"Oh boy, I have to do a 100-day art challenge next, don’t I?"

haha, i also find myself visualizing new challenges. i think this structure works because the daily goal is so low pressure, it feels like optimizing for fun not work. but over time, the small things compound so beautifully.

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